5 Spring Forward Favorites

Happy (almost) Spring! The official first day of the season is March 20th, but I wanted to share a few of my must-haves and things I have been loving lately to get you ready for Spring! Thank God for the wedding and baseball season. For this blog post, I have partnered with JORD watches to do a giveaway for you all!! JORD and I are going to give one lucky winner a $100 credit to go towards one of their watches! ENTER HERE: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/thecoffeetableblog

Good luck to you all! Let’s hop into my favorites!

  1. Wooden Watches

I love wearing wooden watches because they match any outfit! It is very rare I buy colorful jewelry or accessories, because I get attached to a few neutral pieces and then I wear those every single day. I have two silver rings, a simple bar necklace, and my wooden watch from JORD. JORD’s handcrafted time pieces are unique and also very durable. During springtime, I love to get outside and go for a walk by the lake or visit nearby gardens, so it’s good to wear pieces that can’t get easily scratched or damaged. 

My watch



Men’s watches

Women’s watches

  1. Fruity Prints

Let’s talk about this lemon trend. It made me throwback to my Lemonade by Gucci Mane days… I love lemons and like to eat them even though mother says they will ruin the enamel of my teeth. Oh well. I also love how oranges on clothing is pretty easy to find now too. All this citrus just inspires me to drink a smoothie so I approve. 

  1. Cappuccinos



Lately I have been switching up my latte order and getting a cappuccino instead! When I am at home I use non-dairy products, but when I treat myself out and about at a coffee shop, I like to get regular milk. Cappuccinos have less ounces of milk than lattes and are frothier, so it’s a lighter dairy option which my skin loves. I haven’t tried a non-dairy cappuccino yet but that’s my next healthy step!

          4. Exploring New Cities



It’s amazing how close neighboring cities are when you live in the Triangle. I am lucky to live right off the interstate which makes getting to and fro even easier for me. Though I am in a Raleigh address, I can get to Downtown Durham or Chapel Hill in 20-25 minutes. I have loved exploring cities outside Raleigh. I know consider myself a “hotel sitter.” For me, just sitting in a well designed or decorate place inspires me and spikes my creativity. Exploring places I have never been makes me feel more productive and I love sharing special places with you all! If you are in the Triangle area, please go to the Durham Hotel and just get a cappuccino and do work in their beautiful lobby. Or just go to the rooftop with a coffee soda and look at the amazing view. 

  1. Biking


Seriously, when I was little I every time they took the training wheels off my bike I never would touch it again because I would try and fall and give up. I finally was forced by my friends to learn during our spring break trip to Charleston. I found a yellow bike at Walmart I want and have the desire to bike everywhere. I really need to work on my balance anymore before I get anywhere near a busy road, but at least now I can’t say I don’t know how to ride a bike anymore. #Imhavingachild-hood 

Thank you for joining me at The Coffee Table. Learn how to ride a bike if you never did. Drink less whole milk. Explore a new city. Enter my giveaway to basically win a wooden watch. Love ya. Happy Spring.

-from Anna with love