About Anna + The Coffee Table

My name is Anna Haddock and I hope that you can easily learn enough from my blog to fulfill this "about me" section...at least that is the goal.

I am 22 years of age & a recent Meredith College graduate. Jesus is my Savior. I have a great love for coffee & Raleigh, North Carolina. I work full time in the world of Digital Marketing and love living in a world full of design and inspiring creation. I hope to share with you my life and the pretty little things God puts in my path that bring me joy.

About The Coffee Table: I can truly say that it is the little things in life that have brought me the most happiness and that they have also proven to compile into larger & greater things. That is my wish for The Coffee Table. I want it to be a compilation of this, that, & the other and hope that this compilation of small things can be touching enough to become something bigger than just words on a screen. Thank you for joining me at The Coffee Table.