Not Just a Pawn


Let's talk about something the average person doesn't talk about...PAWN SHOPS.

Until recently, when I heard "pawn shop" I had always thought of a small, cluttered, dingy place with probably only one employee running the whole thing. Why is it I thought this when I had never even been in one? How judgmental of me. HOW RUDE.

When National Pawn reached out to me and invited me to come shop at their store, I said sure not knowing what to expect or what I would find. I was actually a bit nervous that I would show up and not like anything and disappoint them after them being so kind to me. I really thought the only types of things you could get in pawn shops were super expensive vintage things and diamond rings. BUT of course, National Pawn proved me wrong.

First off, when I walked in, I was surprised by how big and bright the store was. I felt like I was in a mini Best Buy. The store was filled with large glass cabinets filled with beautiful pieces of jewelry at all different prices ranges, plus tech accessories like Fit bits and Apple watches. What totally won me over is the fact that they have ALL the nice handbags that dreams are made of. Why I used to be obsessed with pictures of Louis Vuitton and Chanel pieces when I was younger, who knows!? But all these memories came flooding back when I saw them right in front of me...AT A PAWN SHOP. Let's just say I fell in love a little bit. National Pawn, you had me at Louis.


After seeing my handbag dreams come true and looking at diamond rings, I decided to be a little realistic. I explored the aisles and found so many things I wanted. After trying on 20 different Pandora rings and watches, I finally chose a winning combo.


Then, I bought a mandolin for kicks & giggles. Who doesn't love a pretty instrument!? Especially one you don't even know how to play LOL. Idk it was cute. & like $30. You can't beat that. Sam knows how to play Happy Birthday on it, so that justifies my purchase.


If this magical picture of me strumming a mandolin doesn't convince you to go to National Pawn, then I just don't know what will.

But seriously, I definitely recommend National Pawn if you are wanting to get started in photography! They have tons of Canons and Nikon cameras at great prices and they do all sorts of tests and checks to make sure things are working properly before they put them out for sale. From televisions, instruments, coffee machines, mac books, and KITCHEN AID MIXERS (another dream of mine), they've got it all. For reference, I visited the National Pawn location on Fleetwood Dr. near Crabtree Valley Mall! Let me know what cool finds you all leave the store with! Thanks again for the lovely shopping experience National Pawn!

Thanks for joining me at The Coffee Table.

-from Anna with love