Weekend in my life

What a weekend. Most of it was spent in a Kendra Scott store honestly (two different locations tho don't worry we're not too obsessed). It had been a long week: two tests, an essay, Valentine's Day, work, and club meetings. I could not wait for a fun filled weekend to get out of my little bedroom looking at a computer and papers and luckily, I had these weekend plans mapped out for quite a while so they kept me motivated throughout the week. I usually don't even consider Friday part of the weekend, but I skipped one out of two classes to go get my nails done sooo...it felt like a weekend anyway. I woke up and had my usual Starbucks breakfast blend coffee and chicken minis (s/o to Samuel), then Amy and I went on our way. A week or two ago, a Kendra Scott representative reached out to me and invited me to an event they were hosting to invite sororities and other bloggers to come to the new location of Paintbase in North Hills to have their nails done and make a donation, then the sorority with the highest attendance would have their donations matched by Kendra and donated to their philanthropy. I was very excited to be a part of such a fun event with a great cause! No regrets on choosing the lemon yellow nail polish.

We finished the day attending The Secret Garden, performed by students at NC State. Going to the play quickly resulted in a new goal of attending more events that aren't in my usual schedule, such as plays at the DPAC or the ballet. I have a deep appreciation for the arts and love being able to watch people display their passions so publicly. It is truly inspiring.

Saturday aka Kendra Scott round two. Amy and I love watching Youtube videos in our down time so of course we jumped at the chance to meet our favorite youtuber & local North Carolinian, Morgan Yates. We stood in line for what felt like hours and by the time we reached Morgan and Jeanine the iced coffee we bought to give to them was pretty melted (sorry yall), but it was definitely worth the wait. It was cool getting to actually meet someone in real life whom you know so much about through the internet. Thank you Kendra Scott for hosting another great event!

Post-meetup, I took a picture with Morgan Yates's best friend Caroline cuz this girl wakes up a 5 am to teach a workout class while simultaneously dressing like an Anthropologie model...GOALS. Amy and I went to the Cheesecake Factory because we had to keep the greatest weekend ever going as long as possible so it was only logical.

Then ended the day with Marshall's & Milkshakes. Goodnight.

But wait, there's more.

Sunday was also great because Summit Church and Bojangles, nuff said. Then, on the way to Kendra Scott of North Hills (third time...i know...its a habit now) Sam and I passed a brick wall, but not just any brick wall, so we had to pull over. Due to the pictures below, no regrets.

After capturing a variety of poses, we made it to Kendra Scott and I bought my first piece of their jewelry. After attending two of their events, I came to the conclusion that they are some great hostesses and each store has an amazing team of women! I was very impressed, so I wanted to support them as a patron.

Here's the one I chose: http://www.kendrascott.com/jewelry/categories/rings/elyse-rhd.html?dwvar_elyse-rhd_stoneColor=080&cgid=rings#start=16

I am usually never this busy. Seriously, I am usually in bed until about noon on a Saturday watching Youtube and maybe getting out for some Village Deli and a movie before 10 pm, but it was surprisingly really nice to have 3 days filled with back to back adventures. I enjoyed being able to spend time focusing on people and activities that make me joyful.

Two times this week, I have heard the quote, "You can't fill from an empty cup." I think this fits in perfectly with how I feel in this moment. We should pour into people and love others, but you cannot do that without loving yourself first. I think taking time to do things that really make you happy is important.

Tip of the day: do not compare what you love doing to what others are doing because then you may feel like what makes you happy is ridiculous. Everyone has different interests. Doing what you love can coincide with loving and serving others if you let it. I challenge you to find the union between doing what you love and doing what needs doing.

Proverbs 17:22 - A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Thank you for joining me at The Coffee Table.

-from Anna with love